M Series – High Performance/High Capacity Spreaders



The M Series is a high capacity manure spreader that is designed to be simple, yet strong, delivering many years of high performance spreading. These commercial grade spreaders are available in capacities from 710 to 1150 ft3 heaped. Standard features include removable vertical beaters, log floor chain, guillotine door, and full frame trailer.

Vertical Beaters

The beaters provide a fine spread pattern in excess of 40 ft. They feature expanded pitch flights to manage frozen material and foreign debris. Fixed bottom spinners with 6 fixed paddles effectively manage materials fed directly by the floor chain. Beaters rotate at 405 RPM. Beater module is easily removed for stock piling. Beater knives are fully supported and reversible.

Floor Chain

M Series feature a 3/4 x grade 100 log style single floor chain. The assembly features slats that float on tabs welded to the log chain. Floating allows each slat some freedom of movement relative to load conditions to reduce overall slat and chain stress. Each slat is made of structural steel tube and has a galvanized finish for longevity. The floor chain is driven by a single hydraulic apron drive on the M1480 and dual hydraulic apron drives on the M1600 and 1780.

Guillotine Door

The guillotine door provides easy-to-adjust material flow, particularly when metering is required. Simple vertical motion with 2 hydraulic cylinders results in fewer moving parts and is also less prone to damage from loading than arm type slop gates.

Full Frame Trailer

M Series spreaders feature a full frame trailer directly connecting the tractor to the spreader wheels. With this design, the spreader box is not subjected to the forces of moving the spreader in yards or in the field. This full frame with separate spreader box allow for the use of a scale system. Unique to the M Series spreaders is the spring loaded tongue that helps to even out rough terrain and weight transfer as the box empties.



All M Series spreaders come scale capable. The scales can be used to simply track the weight of the load and total amount spread or add a monitor and valve to constant or variable rate control application. Indicators are provided by DigiStar.

Compost Canopy

A compost canopy can be added to the standard beaters for additional reduction of material size and for the control of spreading fine materials.


The size of the M Series spreaders makes the addition of brakes to control spreader speed a smart addition. Brakes are single acting and tie in directly to the existing hydraulic brake circuit outlet on the back of the tractor.


3 hitch options are available:
– Single jaw
– Double jaw
– Ball/Socket

TST Covers

Turn/Stop/Tail covers are hydraulically actuated with the door. The covers fold over the lights when the door is raised preventing debris from making them difficult to see or from damage. Covers fold up when the door is closed for road travel.

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