Save Time, Fuel, and Wear

Remote Activated Mixer – RAM

Improve the efficiency of your truck-mounted feed mixer by installing a Remote Activated Mixer (RAM) system from SAC. The RAM system allows the operator to remotely engage the truck mounted mixer, while simultaneously loading feed ingredients.

Benefits of a RAM

  • Remote start/stop mixers on trucks
  • Reduce fuel consumption and mixer wear by running only when necessary
  • Programmable mixing times – 0-30 minutes with three time presets
  • Install on new or upgrade old
  • Will work on truck-mounted mixers of all types
  • 9% less fuel/hour possible savings – individual results will vary

What Do I Need To Get A Remote Activated Mixer?

  • A truck-mounted feed mixer
  • Chassis with an electric controlled engine
  • PTO mixer drive with an automatic transmission or hydrostatic mixer drive

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