Design Reduces Barrel Roll and Produces a Lifting and Tumbling Action


Equipped with New Turbo II Reels


The 6100 Series Turbo-Max reel mixers by SAC are designed to be effective in both dairy and beef rations with all processed feed ingredients. The Turbo-Max Turbo II Reel uses a gentle mixing action, lifting and tumbling the ingredients with each rotation.  Side augers move the feed from front to rear keeping the reel evenly loaded, as well as providing fast and smooth feed delivery. Available in 500 to 900 cubic feet, there is a Turbo-Max that can be sized and configured to meet your operation’s needs.

The 6100 Series Turbo-Max reel mixers provide an extensive list of standard features including direct reel drive with nylatron bearings, splined auger drive shafts, HD 10 bolt hubs, drop side for easier loading and bucket guards.  Bottom augers include 3/4″ flights at the convergence area and are supported by 1/2 or 3/4” tubes for long life. The mixer drive features maintenance free idlers, Diamond® roller chain, oil bath enclosure and shear bolt protection.  All are carried by a trailer designed to haul loads up to 30 lbs cubic feet.


  • New Turbo II Reel provides exceptional ration mixing
  • Fast and complete cleanout
  • Lower overall and loading heights for easy loading
  • Quickly and efficiently produce a thorough mix of beef and dairy rations
  • Design reduces barrel roll and produces a lifting and tumbling action
  • Consistent blend of ingredients – Bunk tests prove It
  • Faster unloading time saves you time and money
  • Producers’ choice for durability and reliability
  • Heavy drive and mixer components
  • Choice of reels to match your ration
  • Stainless liners available to extend the life of your machine (standard on 6175 and 6190)
  • Available in truck or trailer models
  • Sizes from 500 to 900 cubic feet
  • Pair with a RAM system to maximize efficiency

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