Sioux Automation Center, Inc. sells ag business to Post Equipment

Post Equipment Company, LLC of Rock Valley, IA purchased the Sioux Automation Center line of products, production, parts, sales, and service effective December 28, 2023. All phone numbers and contacts were transferred to Post Companies at that time.

Post Equipment Company, LLC, which owns Ironwood 53, Herd-Boss Feeders, and Post Metal Recycling has been in the ag business for many years. Mike Post, owner and president, commented, “The purchase of the Sioux Automation Center (SAC) ag line allows us to expand our footprint in the industry and offer more products and service than ever before. We intend to continue producing the OEM product lines here in the US through our manufacturing division Ironwood 53.” Post went on to say they hope to integrate some of the products into their Herd-Boss Feeders line.

“We are excited for this opportunity and look forward to continuing to provide the same high level of service to our customers – both new and old – for years to come.”

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