Promotes a Complete and Gentle Blend of Ingredients With Fewer Fines and Dead Spots



The 4000 Series Maxi-Mixer is the choice for a thorough and efficient blending of most common beef and low roughage dairy rations. With a unique 4-auger mixing chamber featuring an unequal belly height and raised auger design, the 4000 Series mixers promote a complete and gentle blend of ingredients with fewer fines and dead spots.

Increasingly today’s producers use rations that contain large amounts of protein and by-products, resulting in a denser ration. A greater density ration means the mixer must accommodate more pounds of feed per cubic foot. The 4000 Series HDR models (4750 & 4900) have been developed specifically for these high-density rations. The HDR models incorporate an increased torque capacity and other design enhancements to meet the demands of these high density rations.


  • Universal ration mixing
  • Design promotes a complete and gentle blend of ingredients
  • Fewer fines and dead spots
  • Ability to mix all types of rations
  • Provides a thorough and efficient blend of most common beef and low roughage dairy rations
  • Optional roughage kit available for rations consisting of more than 20% roughage
  • Mix quality is the same for starter ration as it is for finishing ration
  • Fast and even unloading
  • Rubber hay extensions available
  • High Density Ration (HDR) models are available for rations containing large amounts of protein and by-products
  • Chain and slat or auger discharges available
  • Available in truck and trailer units
  • Sizes from 420 to 900 cubic feet
  • Pair with a RAM system to maximize efficiency

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